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  • JEE MAINS 2018 - AMAZON S3

    Jee Mains 2018 - Amazon S3

    inductor of 6 mHare 3A and 8V respectively. In how much time the current in the circuit grows to 63.2% of its final value? (a) 9 4 ms (b) 4 9 ms (c) 16 ms (d) 1 10 ms 4. A particle moves in a straight line with retardation proportional to square of its displacement. Its loss of kinetic energy for any displacement ‘x’ is proportional to (a) x2 (b) x3 (c) log e x (d) …. Reading & Download »


    Kamalvani 90.4 Fm, Community Radio …

    Folk Music, Art & Culture Satrangi, Aapni Dharati-Aapne Log, Padharo Mhare Desh, Health Kaya Ra Sukh, Women empowerment Sangini, Kanoon Ki Baat, Pragyawati Sanitation Kuchh Baate-Kuchh Geet, Agriculture & Vet Apni Chopal, Gaon-ne-Sambhalo General awareness Kuchh Baate-Kuchh Geet, Hulchul Ados-Pados Ki, Education …. Reading & Download »